In Juan Martinez-Aliers 1887 monography Ecological Economics, chapter 3, "Tne History of Agricultural Energetics" he refers to Roman Serbyn, historian, Montreal,  as "working on a biography  an an edition ot his (Podolinsky's) works". In January 1991 Roman Serbyn, beiing in contact with Juan Martinez sent me a first volume of selected works of Podolinsky (Serhii Podolynsky (1850-1891), Vibrani tvori) he had edited and published a few months ago in a collection of the canadian Ukainian Historical Society. He then found out that a grand-daughter, Lily von  Podolinsky, had been working as a social worker in (East-) Germany and was actually living in a catholic retired peoples home near Stuttgart. We met the lively old Lady in her room in the institution, cigaret smoking under a photography of the pope Jean Paul II. She knew virtually, if not totally, nothing about her grandfather, but talked well about her own interesting life. No family documents we had vaguely hoped for. Afterwards she and I exchanged a couple of letters (she had a sure and fluent handwriting) due to her curiosity about her grandfather. She had allways lived with the idea of being "of russian origin" and seemed amused by the thought of ending up being an ukrainian by her origin.